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Ancient Roman woman, Cicero's wife98 BC - 4 AD
Christian saint from Egypt; his temptations were a popular subject for paintings251-356
American folk artist1860-1961
Hungarian-American film mogul and founder of Paramount Pictures1873-1976
American politician, Governor of Kansas and failed presidential candidate1887-1987
Russian-American songwriter, author of 'White Christmas'1888-1989
German World War I veteran and author1895-1998
American comedian and actor1896-1996
Wife of Chiang Kai-shek, 'First Lady of China'1898-2003
British royal1900-2002
Pioneering but controversial German film director1902-2003
American politician, long-time Senator from South Carolina1902-2003
American comedian and actor, 14-time Oscar host1903-2003
American diplomat, Cold War policy architect1904-2005
Swiss chemist, inventor of LSD1906-2008
French anthropologist, 'father of modern anthropology'1908-2009
British economist, Nobel laureate1910-2013
German-American actress, two-time Oscar winner1910-2014
American actress, best known for Titanic1910-2010
Vietnamese general, principal commander in the Vietnam War1911-2013
American author, best known for The Caine Mutiny1915-
English-American actress, best known for Gone with the Wind1916-

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