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DefinitionVocab Word
The average of how far the observations are from the mean.
The sum of all the values in a data set divided by the number of values.
Geometric description of the data set.
Contains middle 50% of data.
An effect, often positive, attributable to the patients expectations that the treatment will have an effect.
The rule that states that 68% lies within one standard deviation, 95% lies within two, and 99.7% lies within three.
A distribution that is asymmetrical.
Graph in which the frequencies of data are displayed with bars.
Data set composed of the minimum value, the lower quartile, the median, the upper quartile, and the maximum.
Measures the outcome of a study
DefinitionVocab Word
Measures the strength of the linears relationship between two quantitative variables.
A variable that has an effect on the outcome of the study but whose influence is not part of the investigation.
The line that minimizes the sum of squared errors (residuals) from the line.
A data value that is far removed from the general pattern of data
A sample in which all possible samples of the same size are equally likely to be the sample chosen.
Probability of getting a sample value at least as extreme as obtained by chance alone, assuming the null hypothesis is true.
Occurs when subjects selected for a sample do not respond.
Theorem that states that the sampling distribution of a sample mean becomes approximately normal when the sample size is large.
Number of independent data points in a distribution.
What is this statement referring to-'We are 90% confident that the true difference between the means lies in the interval .227 to 5.25'?

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