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Can you name the missing portion of each famous Scandinavian name?*

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PersonMissing WordHint
Roald _______Explorer of polar regions (NOR)
______ LindgrenAuthor of 'Pippi Longstocking' (SWE)
________ WozniackiProfessional tennis player (DEN)
Anders _______Temperature scale developer (SWE)
Hans _________ AndersenAuthor of 'The Little Mermaid' (DEN)
______ Munch Painter of 'The Scream' (NOR)
Ole _____ BjørndalenOlympics “King of the Biathlon” (NOR)
Carl ______ Emil MannerheimPresident and military leader (FIN)
________ AdolphusKing of Sweden (SWE)
Henrik _____Playwright and author of 'Peer Gynt' (NOR)
______ BergmanActress of 'Casablanca' (SWE)
Søren ___________Existentialist philosopher (DEN)
____ EriksonViking Age explorer (ICE)
Alfred _____Inventor of dynamite (SWE)
Paavo _____Mid- and long distance runner (FIN)
Olof _____Politician and Prime minister (SWE)
Jean ________Composer of 'Finlandia' (FIN)
_____ Henie Olympic Champion figure skater (NOR)
Lars von _____Avant-garde film director and screenwriter (DEN)
_____ BraheAstronomer and astrologer (DEN)

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