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Portoferraio is the largest city on which Mediterranean island?Geography
Which British singer said that his vices are 'football, alcohol and women - in this order'?Entertainment
Which Nordic Country doesn't have its own army?History
In which famous play did a character say: 'Something is rotten in the state of Denmark'?Arts & Literature
The scary guillotine was named after Joseph Guillotin. What was his profession?Science & Nature
From what country did the traditional cuisine Goulash originate?Sports & Leisure
Algarve is a popular tourist destination, but in which country is it located?Geography
What country did Celine Dion represent in the 1988 Eurovision song contest?Entertainment
What organization was established after the devastating battle of Solferino?History
Which British Prime Minister's only fictional novel was 'Savrola'?Art & Literature
Which astronomer created the so-called Rudolphine Tables?Science & Nature
On which river do Oxford's and Cambridge's universities compete yearly in rowing?Sports & Leisure
In which mountain range is Andorra located?Geography
What is the birth country of legendary actress Greta Garbo?Entertainment
Which Bolshevik leader was born 'Lev Bronshtein'?History
Which French painter painted the art piece 'The Luncheon on the Grass'?Art & Literature
Which auto manufacturing company did Italian Giovanni Agnelli establish?Science & Nature
Which city hosted the 1992 Summer Olympic Games?Sports & Leisure

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