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Can you provide the answers to these A-Z(Ö) questions about Nordic History? (Part II)

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AThe National parliament of Iceland and the oldest extant parliamentary institution in the world
BFamous Danish physicist known for his atomic structure work
CNortheast European culture of pottery-making hunter-gatherers.
DA colonial era Caribbean island group that used to belong to Denmark, now known as U.S. Virgin Islands
ENational church of Finland
FTraditional Sami people headgear
GOne of the most famous Norwegian composers
HThe second Secretary-General of the United Nations
INorwegian playwright of Dollhouse
JMassive carved runestones from the 10th century, in Denmark
KDanish existentialist philosopher
LThe only Icelandic Nobel laureate
MFinnish soldiers invented this fiery weapon in winter war, named after a Soviet Prime minister
NSwedish inventor of dynamite
Opening letterAnswerHint
OKing of Norway between 1957-1991
PThe national animal of Greenland
QA type of arson sometimes employed in blood feuds in medieval Scandinavia and Iceland
RLenin fled to Finland under threat of arrest during this event of 1917
SA situation in which a hostage begins to feel sympathy for the kidnapper
TA Finnish proverb states that if sauna, vodka and ____ won't help, the disease is fatal
UIsland near Oslo, where the horrendous mass shooting took place in 2011
VSwedish automobile manufacturer, founded in 1927
W6000 Norwegian men volunteered to fight in this German unit during World War II
XThe Ordinal number of Danish king Christian (King as 1912-1947)
YKurt Wallander's hometown
ZKorkeasaari and Skansen, for example, are these kind of amusement areas
ÅPresumably the oldest big city in Scandinavia
ÖMedieval Swedish castle that was constructed during the early 13th century

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