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Can you provide the answers to these A-Z(Ö) questions about Nordic History? (Part I)

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ADanish author of Ugly Duckling
BFamous Swedish director of Wild Strawberries
CFish-related conflicts between Iceland and United Kingdom
DNorwegian cross-country skier who has the most Winter Olympic medals
EIcelandic folklore
FGoddess of love in Nordic mythology
GWar between Sweden and Russia in early 18th Century
HNorwegian expeditioner who had a vessel called Kon-Tiki
ISwedish furniture giant
JDanish peninsula
KDanish, Norwegian and Swedish personal unions in 1397–1523
LThe first Secretary-General of the United Nations
MNorwegian painter famous for 'The Scream'
Opening letterAnswerHint
NNon-legislative inter-parliamentary body for the region, formed in 1952
OScandinavian god and father of Thor
PSwedish Prime Minister murdered in 1986
QNorwegian politician synonymous for treachery
RDanish Secretary-General of NATO
SFinnish composer of Finlandia
TFormer capital of Finland
UThe oldest university in Scandinavia
VAncient marine warriors known for pillaging
W105 days war between Finland and Russia in 1939-40
ZFirst name of PSG's Swedish football player
ÅAn island group which the League of Nations ordered to Finland
ÖFamous bridge from Sweden to Denmark (and vice versa)

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