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Can you name the authors whose books were adapted to film?

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AdaptationBased On The Novel ByYear of Adaptation, Director
Gone With The Wind1939, Fleming
The Man Who Fell To Earth1976, Roeg
Die Hard1988, McTiernan
Breakfast At Tiffany's1961, Edwards
The Last Temptation Of Christ1988, Scorsese
The Night Of The Hunter1955, Laughton
The Exorcist1973, Friedkin
Shaft1971, Parks
Full Metal Jacket1987, Kubrick
AdaptationBased On The Novel ByYear of Adaptation, Director
The Godfather1972, Coppola
Requiem For a Dream2000, Aronofsky
The 39 Steps1939, Hitchcock
Fight Club1999, Fincher
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang1968, Hughes
Touch Of Evil1958, Welles
Doctor Zhivago1965, Lean
Dances With Wolves1990, Costner
Rosemary's Baby1968, Polanski
AdaptationBased On The Novel ByYear of Adaptation, Director
From Here To Eternity1953, Zinneman
Ordinary People1980, Redford
Schindler's List1993, Spielberg
Carlito's Way1993, DePalma
Battle Royale2000, Fukasaku
Naked Lunch1991, Cronenberg
The Devil's Advocate1997, Hackford
Bullitt1968, Yates
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?1988, Zemeckis

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