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To whom did Howard lose his virginity?
How many servants did Raj have in India?
What is Leonard's middle name?
Finish the quote: Shower, shirt, shoes and ____
Whilst Leonard and Amy attend a wedding, Sheldon goes to the model train store. When he returns, complaining, what does Leonard call him?
Of the boys, who has Penny NOT kissed?
How did the building's elevator break?
Bernadette's ex-boyfriend, Glen, is how tall?
When Leonard first moved into the apartment, a phrase was painted on his bedroom wall. What was it?
When in Vegas with Bernadette and Penny, what does Amy ask Bernadette at the bar?
To avoid having to listen to Penny sing, Sheldon creates a fictional relative. What was his name?
Leonard's brother is how much taller than him? (inches)
What is Rajesh's father's job?
Penny has a Chinese words tattooed on her behind. According to Sheldon, what does it translate to?
What does Sheldon dress as for Penny's Halloween party?
Howard als attends this party, dressed as a fictional character, but he looks an awful lot like a different character. Who?
Sheldon attempted to learn to drive in his apartment, using a simulator and a game. What other skill does he claimed to have learned in the apartment?
What does Penny call Dr. Plimpton?
Bernadette once crossed Ebola with what?
Which employee at the university has a lisp?
This same employee also 'renamed' Penny, disliking her real name. What does he refer to her as instead?
During a study on the effects of tabacco addiction, Amy shares her apartment with what sort of animal?
What is Howard's astronaut nickname?
Which Star Wars character is likened to a 'shiny Sheldon'
What is Penny's starsign?
Sheldon will allow Leonard to sleep with his twin sister, Missy, provided he can what?
When Leonard was a child, he invented a hugging machine. But what was the sad part?
What does Penny give Sheldon for Christmas that prompts him to hug her?
Whilst on a double date with Howard, Leonard and Bernadette, what does Bernadette's friend Joy refer her to her self defence classes as?
Penny married which of her ex-boyfriends in Vegas?

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