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Armed men capture a NYC train and take hostage a triumvirate of incapable bachelors and an infant left by one of their girlfriends.
A 40-something stockbroker goes on a vacation to Jamaica. She strikes up a passionate romance with a much younger man who isn't thinking fourth-dimensionally.
In the film version of the musical, we follow the last few weeks of the Messiah's life including his futuristic, machine-gun battle with the large alien bugs.
A San Francisco cop with little regard for rules gets sidetracked from his sniper, serial killer case when he hits a Bigfoot-like creature with his station wagon and takes it home.
A pop band scores a hit in 1964 with lots of help from their manager who recently burned down a pizza shop in Brooklyn during an incendiary race riot.
A recently deceased father, who couldn't keep promises to his son, is reincarnated as a snowman that conducts a series of controversial interviews with an ex US President.
Six unemployed steel workers from Birmingham England form a male striptease act in order to fund their silly and outrageous quest to find a biblical relic.
Robin Williams takes his dysfunctional family on a road trip in their rented Recreational Vehicle in order to plan acts of domestic terrorism against a totalitarian British govern
After a Texas hunter comes upon two million dollars, he is tracked by a mop-topped killer who works for a secret government agency which tracks extra-terrestrial life on Earth.
A dedicated teacher, who wants to inspire his dropout prone students to learn calculus, takes them on a disastrous canoeing trip in the backwoods of Appalachia.
Jason Alexander is a 6 star hotel owner who eventually opens up to his sons’s new orangutan companion because it hunts and kills Nazis in 1940’s Berlin.

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