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QUIZ: Can You Answer These Greek Mythology Questions in Harry Potter?

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The scar on Harry Potter's forehead is a symbol of which God?
Argus Filch brings to mind Argus Panoptes, the servant of which Goddess?
Hagrid Rubeus, or Hagrid Rubes was the giant of what in Greek Mythology?
Fill in the blank----- Fluffy is based of _______, who guards the Underworld.
In Greek Mythology, Cerberus was once lulled to sleep by music, like Fluffy was. Who did this?
MINERVA McGonogall. Minerva is the Roman name for which Goddess?
Hermoine, in Greek Mythology, was the daughter of Menelaus and who?
What animal was Firenze?
Harry Potter has a NIMBUS Two Thousand. In Greek Mythology, a nimbus is a what?
Professor Trelawney's ancestor was a Seer named (?)Trelawney. In Greek Mythology, this woman had the ability to see the future, but nobody would believe her. What was her name?

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