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what happenedAnswer
Which two characters at the begging of the play took down decorations from Caesar's statues?
Who tries to convince Brutus to join the conspirators?
Who kills Brutus?
Who tries to stop Caesar from going to the capital?
Who pulled Caesar out of the Tiber river?
Who kills Cassius?
Who stabs Caesar first?
Who did Cassius send to check Brutus's camp?
what happenedAnswer
Who convinces Caesar to go the capital?
Who was the weakest one with no power in the triumvirs
Who stabs Caesar last?
Who hands Caesar a letter in the streets on his way to the capital?
Out of Brutus's and Cassius's army who one their first battle?
Whose ghost appears to Brutus at night?
Who tries to convince Brutus that allowing Antony to speak at the funeral is a bad decision?

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