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What is the...Extra Info
Name of Led Zeppelin's lead singer
Name of lead guitarist
Name of the bassist (and keyboardist)
Name of the drummer
Drummer's nickname
Trilogy that Ramble On is aboutAlso referenced in Battle of Evermore
Song played in the movie School of RockWhen he's with the principle in his van
Name of the Led Zeppelin movieReleased in the USA in 1976
Band member died from alcohol poisoning
Name of the song that begins: 'There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold...'
Year that their first album was released
What is the...Extra Info
First album title to not officially be titled after the band
Only non-album track Zeppelin song releaseRleased in 1970 as the B-side of Immigrant Song
Who is now touring in (name)'s Led Zeppelin Experience
Band name Led Zeppelin use for their very first tourJeff Beck was in this band
# of years the band was together
First Song on side one of their first studio album
Longest studio recorded song by Zeppelin
Song with lyrics: 'happiness is what you need so bad, girl they answer lies with you.'
New England Arena that Led Zeppelin was banned from in 1975 for 5 yearsCause by rioting fans (totally not even Zeppelin's fault...besides just being awesome)
Particular sound effect did Zeppelin's guitarist inventHe used this effect in You Shook Me and Whole Lotta Love
Best band ever!

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