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'Here We Go', 'Two Coins', 'Cover This'
'Hymn 43', 'Son', 'Bourée'
'Stir It Up', 'Waiting In Vain', 'Stand Alone'
'The Last Dance', 'The Summer Wind', 'Luck Be A Lady'
'Sleepyhouse', 'No Rain', 'Soul One'
'World Of Pain', 'Swlabr', 'Spoonful'
'Mobile', 'Losing Grip', 'Keep Holding On'
'Ball And Chain', 'Down On Me', 'Move Over'
'Say You Love Me', 'You Make Loving Fun', 'Songbird'
'I'm Gonna Crawl', 'The Lemon Song', 'Night Flight'
'Amsterdam', 'Red Oyster Cult', 'Rocketship'
'Saving Grace', 'Hard On Me', 'You Wreck Me'
'The World At Large', 'One Chance', 'The Waydown'
'Jack Straw', 'Ship Of Fools', 'High Time'
'Hot Lanta', 'Melissa', 'Midnight Rider'
'About An Hour Ago', 'Five More Minutes', 'Hey Girl'
'Such A Night', 'The Weight', 'Atlantic City'
'Same In The End', 'KRS-One', 'Saw Red'
'You Enjoy Myself', 'Fluffhead', 'Dirt'
'Let Me Ride', 'High Powered', 'The Next Episode'
'5:15', 'Sister Disco', 'Pictures Of Lily'

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