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Girl in plastic red dress and clown shoes, holding a rotting orange
Red background; Black two pronged pitchfork.
Warhol Banana
Black and white American flag; One man with spirit fingers, one tough guy
Symmetrical; Two black half circles, two colorful bursts
Foggy, mountainous, serene coastline
Steep, painted white and blue mountains; many peaks
Man on purple motorcycle in an alley; Image matted with flowered border
Graffiti depicting outline of man with clenched fist
Nine men standing in tall grass; cloudy sk y
Bear with bling launched into a purple sky
Full moon; Legs hanging from trunk of car
Three red/pink/yellow faces among pink flowers/bubbles/paisley
Man in blue raincoat getting soaked by rain
Field of white crosses; red and yellow sky
Winged demon; two portly shirtless men
Five boys hanging from strings on a stage
Two nude women with hair on fire
Damaged disco ball on white background
Black and white photo; two young men in turtlenecks; songwriter in foreground; singer in background

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