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Can you find the name of these physicians spelled without the letters of 'borders'?

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NameDoctorKnown for
H_n_y H_imlichAmerican surgeon, invented of technique of abdominal thrusts for stopping choking
Al_xan___ Fl_mingScottish physician and microbiologist. Discovered the world's first antibiotic substance.
Am___i__ Pa_éFrench barber surgeon, served several kings in the 16th century.
J___ph Li_t__British surgeon, pioneer of antiseptic surgery
Avic_nnaPersian polymath from the Islamic Golden Age, considered one of the fathers of modern medicine
Vivi_n Th_ma_African american cardiac surgery pioneer
Gal_nGreek physician, his theories influenced Western medical science for more than 1,300 years
Lúcia P_tt__l_Brazilian doctor, won Miss World 1971
Camill_ G_lgiItalian pathologist, gave his name to a cell organelle.
Clau__ ___na__French physiologist, first to introduce blind experiments in medicine
_____t K_chGerman physician and microbiologist. Considered one of the main founders of modern bacteriology
William Ha_v_yBritish physician, first to describe the circulation of blood in the body
Hipp_c_at__Greek father of medicine
__wa__ J_nn__English physician, developed the smallpox vaccine
A_thu_ C_nan __yl_British doctor, became famous as a writer
NameDoctorKnown for
Ch_i_tiaan _a_na__South African surgeon, performed the world's first heart transplant
J_hn _n_wEnglish physician, one of the founders of modern epidemiology. Did definitely not know nothing.
Ivan Pavl_vRussian physiologist, won the Nobel prize in 1904
An___a_ V__aliu_Flemish physician known for his influential work on human anatomy
__n_t G_äf_n___gGerman physician after whom the G-spot is named
_liza__th _lackw_llBritish physician, first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States
_igmun_ F__u_Austrian neurologist known for his model of psychic structure
Vi_ginia Apga_American anesthesiologist, gave her name to a test to assess the health of newborn babies
J_an-Ma_tin Cha_c_tFrench neurologist known for his work on hypnosis and hysteria
J_hn Lang__n __wnBritish physician, first to describe a genetic disorder now named after him
Al_i_ Alzh_im__German psychiastrist, known for the first published case of 'presenile dementia'
H_l_n Tau__igAmerican cardiologist, founded the field of pediatric cardiology
__g__ _anni_t__British neurologist, first to run the sub-4-minute mile
Jam__ Pa_kin__nEnglish surgeon. A central nervous system disease is named after him.
G___g__ Gill__ __ la T_u__tt_ French physician and namesake of a neurological condition characterized by physical and verbal tics

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