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Can you name the Doctor Who Episodes Series 1-8?

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SeriesEpisode NameEnemy
Series 1Nestene Consciousness/Autons
Series 1Cassandra/Spider Robots
Series 1Gelth
Series 1 (2 Parts)Slitheen
Series 1[Title]
Series 1Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe
Series 1Reapers
Series 1 (2 Parts)Gas Mask Zombies
Series 1Blon Fel-Fotch Pasameer-Day Slitheen
Series 1 (2 Parts)Daleks
Series 2Cassandra/Infected Humans
Series 2Lupine Wavelength Haemovariform
Series 2Krillitanes
Series 2Clockwork Robots
Series 2 (2 Parts)Cybermen
Series 2The Wire
Series 2 (2 Parts)Possessed Ood/The Beast
Series 2Abzorbaloff
Series 2Isolus
Series 2 (2 Parts)Cybermen/Daleks
SpecialEmpress of the Racnoss
Series 3Plasmavore/Judoon
Series 3Carrionites
Series 3Macra
Series 3 (2 Parts)Cult of Skaro/Human Daleks
Series 3Richard Lazarus
Series 3Living Sun
Series 3 (2 Parts)The Family
Series 3Weeping Angels
Series 3 (3 Parts)Futurekind/The Master/Tochlafane
SpecialHost/Max Capricorn
Series 4Adipose
SeriesEpisode NameEnemy
Series 4Pyroviles
Series 4Red-Eye Ood/Ood Operations
Series 4 (2 Parts)Sontarans
Series 4Hath
Series 4Vespiform
Series 4 (2 Parts)Vashta Nerada
Series 4Midnight Entity
Series 4Time Beetle
Series 4 (2 Parts)Davros/Daleks
SpecialThe Flood
Special (2 Parts)The Master/Time Lords
Series 5Atraxi
Series 5Smilers
Series 5Daleks
Series 5Weeping Angels
Series 5Saturnyne
Series 5Dream Lord/Eknodine
Series 5Silurians
Series 5Krafayis
Series 5Time Engine
Series 5The Alliance/Stone Dalek
SpecialKazran Sardick/Fog Shark
Series 6The Silence
Series 6Siren
Series 6House
Series 6Gangers
Series 6Madam Kovarian/Headless Monks
Series 6River Song/Antibodies
Series 6Peg Dolls
Series 6Handbots
Series 6Minotaur
SeriesEpisode NameEnemy
Series 6Cybermen
Series 6The Silence
SpecialAcid Rain
Series 7Daleks
Series 7Solomon
Series 7The Reckoner
Series 7Shakri
Series 7Weeping Angels
SpecialThe Great Intelligence
Series 7Spoonheads/The Great Intelligence
Series 7Sentient Planet
Series 7Ice Warrior
Series 7The Crooked Man
Series 7Time Zombies
Series 7Mrs Gillyflower/Mr Sweet
Series 7Cybermen
Series 7The Great Intelligence
SpecialDaleks and others
Series 8Half-Face Man
Series 8Daleks
Series 8Sheriff of Nottingham
Series 8Unknown
Series 8Ms Delphox
Series 8Skavox Blitzer
Series 8Germ Spiders
Series 8Foretold
Series 8The Boneless
Series 8Solar Flare
Series 8 (2 Parts)Missy/Cybermen

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