100 Figures of Greek Mythology

Can you name the Figures of Greek Mythology?

Titan of the East and the Sun 
Titan of the North, Father of Leto 
Titan of the South 
Titan of the West, Name means 'the piercer' 
King of the Titans, Father of the Olympian Gods 
Titan of the Sea, Did not fight in the Titanomachy 
Mother of Olympian Gods, Saved Zeus from his Father's wrath 
Mother of the Muses, Personification of Memory 
Titaness of the Sea, Mother of Oceanids 
Mother of the Horai (Hours) and Morai (Fates) 
Mother of Selene (Moon), name means goddess 
Mother of Leto, Consort of Titan of the the North 
Second generation, Made to hold the sky 
Second generation, Forethought, Brought fire to humans and was punished for it 
Embodiment of Craftiness, Mother of Athena 
One eyed creatures, Often work forges and are children of Poseidon 
A combination of a goat, lion and snake, this creature terrorized Lycia 
Father of Monsters 
Mother of Monsters 
Turned into a Gorgon by Athena, Gaze turned lookers into stone 
Giant Sea Beast, Terrorized Argos until its death 
Sired by Pasiphae and a bull 
Six headed sea beast, Attacked ships that neared her cliffs 
Monster who was only visible by the whirlpool it created while eating 
Was only be defeated when its riddle was solved, Attacked Thebes 
Head of a man, body of a lion and a spike shooting tail 
Creature with a beautiful song that hypnotized sailors into wrecking their ships 
Winged creatures with the head and body of a woman 
Hundred eyed monster, Killed by Hermes 
Large cannibalistic men 
Muse of Astronomy 
Muse of Epic Poetry 
Muse of Love Poetry 
Muse of History 
Muse of Dance 
Muse of Song 
Muse of Tragedy 
Muse of Hymns 
Muse of Comedy 
Primordial Dieties
Heaven, Father of the Titans 
Earth, Mother of the Titans 
Formless Void 
King of the Primordials 
Important People
Slayer of Chimera and Tamer of Pegasus 
Slayer of Minotaur 
Slayer of Medusa and Kraken 
Son of Thetis and Peleus 
Son of Zeus and Alcmene 
Son of Priam, Hero of Troy 
Son of Zeus and Laodamia 
Son of Zeus, eternal punishment of hunger and thirst 
Leader of Greek forces in Trojan War 
King of Sparta during Trojan War 
Son of Anchises and Aphrodite 
Son of Laertes, King of Ithaca 
Founder of Thebes, Turned into a snake 
King of Thebes, Realized a tragic prophecy 
Punished to eternally roll a boulder uphill 
Daughter of Zeus and Leda, Cause of Trojan War 
Son of Tyndareus and Leda 
Son of Zeus and Leda 
Daughter of Tyndareus and Leda, Killed her husband 
King of Crete, Judge of Souls in Hades 
Important People Continued
Captain of the Argo 
Famous witch and vengeful wife 
Daughter of Helios, Witch who turned men into pigs 
Attached to eternally spinning wheel of fire 
Trojan War Hero, Given power to see Gods, Chose to fight and defeated Ares 
Trojan War Hero, Killed himself after believing he killed his men 
Son of Helios, His failure created the Sahara desert 
Consort of Zeus, Turned into a cow to avoid Hera's wrath 
Consort of Zeus as golden rain 
Consort of Zeus, Mother of Hermes 
Consort of Zeus as a swan 
Consort of Zeus, Mother of Dionysus 
Turned into a deer as punishment for seeing Artemis bathing 
Trojan boy, Chosen by Zeus to be cupbearer to the gods 
Fell in love with his own reflection 
Creator of the labyrinth 
Fell to his death after flying too close to the sun 
Turned into spider as punishment for insolence to Athena 
Her 12 children were killed and she was turned to stone after insulting Leto 
Musician, Nearly recovered his wife from the Underworld 
Labors of Heracles
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