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Can you name these popular Roblox Games?

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This game is about becoming a profitable tycoon and rebirthing by using mines, conveyors and furnaces.
This game is about surviving different natural things, such as earthquakes and tornadoes.
This game is about going to high school and owning a car and house.
This game is about cutting down trees to sell and build your base with.
This game is about cleaning an office building while playing as a variety of fruits and vegetables.
This game is about killing the other team, being it terrorist or counter-terrorist.
This game is about avoiding bombs and unlocking skills and perks to help you.
This game is about running very very quickly. Supposedly the fourth in the series, this game also has a mirror and impossible mode.
This game is about having good aim with a revolver and collecting skins, powers and more.
This game is about having a boat that floats when a flood comes.
This game is about creating and managing your very own restaurant, and serving customers.
This game is about running around on explosive blocks as well as trying to be the last one alive.
This game is about trying different things such as weapons, hats and clothing from the catalog.
This game is about shovelling snow to earn money to buy better shovels or vehicles.
This game is about killing zombies between multiple waves and unlocking weapons by levelling up
This game is about showing off your talents in a parody of a popular TV show.
This game is about being in an elevator, and stopping at crazy and sometimes scary floors. It also has a secret that is uncovered by finding a pass code.
This game is about escaping rooms that fill with water.
This game is about sliding on walls and flying through different maps.
This game is about being a criminal and having the choice to go loud or stealth. Some missions require stealth and strategy, while others immediately make you go loud.
This game is about identifying who the traitor is before it's too late. The detective can scan for DNA samples.
This game is about surviving fun things, such as falling hotdogs and rolling rocks.
This game is about using momentum you gain from hopping around to go through challenging levels.
This game is about hitting notes in a Guitar Hero-esque fashion. You can select multiple modes for different note speeds.
This game is about making pizzas and delivering them.
This game is about escaping from prison and then robbing different stores while avoiding getting put back in prison
This game is about finding objects that are actually hiders on a map. It's based of a gmod game.
This game is about completing different objectives while shooting people with realistic guns to level up.
This game is about racing, buying and collecting cars.
This game is about training Pokemon with your rivals Jake and Tess.
This game is about creating your own store, keeping things in stock, cleaning up spills and then hiring workers to do it for you.
This game is about bringing cargo from one place to another by boat, and fighting opposing clans.
This game is about collecting ice cream to open new worlds and collecting candies to buy accessories.
This game is about unboxing crates to gain as many valuable limiteds as possible.
This game is about trying to identify who the murderer is while collecting coins to open crates to gain weapon skins
This game is about picking the right clothes to fit a category in a certain time limit. Afterwards, 3 pre-selected judges will vote between 1-5 stars based on your outfit.
This game is about surviving a ton of minigames such as murder and mine field. This game is also named after its creator.
This game is about putting on clothes to try to get the most amount of votes in a category.
This game is about trying to hit people 4 times with balls to beat them.
This game is about playing paintball with a variety of characters. Every character has different stats that let them move, shoot and reload faster.
This game is about surviving in a zombie apocalypse while scavenging for food, drinks, guns and clothing.
This game is about creating parties, owning and customising a house and having a round pet to play with.

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