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WordReal or Fake?Usage
Rogum'The food was served with unexpected rogum, so we didn't tip'
Exacerbate'The exorbitant cost of land only exacerbated the problem'
Nupper'In order to pass the test, you must successfully nupper a fish'
Cromulent'What a perfectly cromulent boat trip'
Expercient'The expercient boy could eat the hottest peppers and not even flinch'
Embiggens'A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man'
Pyknic'Too many picnics left the man feeling rather pyknic'
Bourgous'Nothing could sever slay the bourgous beast'
Gruntled'The normally angry man was rather gruntled at this good news'
Schniffle'I'll have some cake, but just a schniffle'
Agraffe'To open the bottle, you must remove the agraffe'
Sabrage'Some quality sabrage displayed as he sliced open the bottle'

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