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John Perry's wife
John's age upon joining the Colonial Defense Forces
His point of departure from Earth
His method of departure from Earth
The two friends that he makes on the way up
The ship that takes John out of our solar system
The device used by CDF ships to traverse great distances
What CDF soldiers have implanted into their brains
What John names his implant
CDF soldiers have their blood replaced by this artificial substance
The color of said artificial blood
The color of CDF soldiers
What John and his new friends collectively refer to themselves as
Humanity's largest world outside of Earth
Where John goes for basic training
His Drill Instructor
What his Drill Instructor has a tattoo of
The standard CDF assault rifle
The ship that John is assigned to at the end of his training
John's first battle is against this alien race
The name of the former politician who John battles with against the Whaid
The one-inch tall aliens that John does battle with
The name of a major Human colony that is conquered by an alien race
The name of said alien race
A delicacy to said alien race
The unofficial name for the CDF Special Forces
The Special Forces ship that John is temporarily assigned to
The commander of said ship
The commander of the CDF Special Forces
The Special Forces soldier that John becomes attached to

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