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Can you name the Answers to these Simpsons: Season 6 Trivia Questions?

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When building their pool, what does the Simpson family mistakenly build first?1F22
What product does Homer salvage and attempt to sell?1F17
''Love was acquired in a hostile takeover'' by one of these two companies?2F33
Before the trip to Itchy and Scratchy Land, where had Marge planned to go for the family vacation?2F01
Which character helps Bart & Lisa uncover Sideshow Bob's election fraud?2F02
'No TV and No Beer Make Homer ___'2F03
What actress voices Bart's 'girlfriend' Jessica?2F04
Who coaches Lisa's hockey team, The Gougers?2F05
Abe Simpson will ''be deep in the cold, cold ground before [he] recognizes'' what U.S. state?2F06
The Pentagon informs this author that Lisa has bought his book.2F07
Looking for a new hangout, Homer visits a bar based on what TV series?2F08
The Stonecutters apparently rig these awards?2F09
Homer quits his job and plays Mr. Burns' head like what instrument?2F10
Bart sabotages a weather balloon in order to embarass what character?2F11
Krusty bets all his money against which sports team?2F12
What country does Bart antagonize?2F13
What comedy legend is Homer's first passenger as a limo driver?2F14
Guest star Jay Sherman is an animated character from which short-lived TV series?2F31
What is the first name of Lisa's future fiancé?2F15
Mr. Burns' favorite greyhound puppie reminds him of which actor?2F18
In light of the budget crunch, what do the Springfield students drink instead of milk?2F19
What is the title of Bleeding Gums Murphy's first and only album?2F32
What type of counterfeit merchandise was Herman smuggling out of the Simpsons car hole?2F21
What is the Shelbyville equivalent of Springfield's Kwik-E-Mart?2F22
As a result of the oil money, who does Lisa bring in to head the jazz program?2F16

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