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Can you name the insects to species (common or scientific name)?

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Invasive pest of hardwood trees in North America. Not the Citrus Longhorned Beetle, the other one.
Its genome was fully sequenced in 2000, making it the second animal to have the honor. It lost to C. elegans.
Not the Monarch, the Müllerian mimic
1.3 to 1.6 cm long. Despite the name they are from Africa
This is the male.
Currently killing off 3.5 billion dollars of ash trees each year in North America.
The common household pest
Seven spots
Turns out the green-bottle is several species.
Largest butterfly in the world.
This isn't the Azure Damselfly
Obligate pest of humans
Supposedly delicious fried, eat mulberry leaves
The females are flightless.
This actually a yellowjacket, despite the name.
The traps don't catch as many as they attract.
Found in pantries. Not the Almond Moth
Transmits yellow fever, dengue fever, and Chikungunya.
Larvae are mealworms. This is the red one, not the confused one
The Menelaus one
Worshipped by ancient Egyptians, who found the rolling dung balls symbolic of the sun's progress across the sky.
Native to Tamil Nadu, India. Commonly kept as pets
There are videos of them eating hummingbirds.
Genome sequenced in 2006. Currently a victim of Colony Collapse Disorder.
This the one from Argentina.

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