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Forced Order
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The boy who lived.
Former head of Slytherin
Killed Nagini
Parents are dentists
Works in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office
Fell in lake on the way to Hogwarts
Only person Peeves will listen to.
Ravenclaw Seeker
Youngest Weasley son
Also known as: Tom Riddle
Fell in love with Ron in HBP
Killed by Severus Snape
Bought a dragon off Quirrel
Poltaguist in hogwarts
Harry Potters future wife
Was told to kill Dumbledore but failed.
Head of the snatchers (books only)
Kept getting shoes stolen
Supports West Ham football team
5 Time winner of Witch Weekly's Most charming smile award.
Bulgarian National Quidditch Team Seeker
Tried out for Gryffindor Keeper in HBP
Excecuter of Buckbeak
Killed Bellatrix
Quidditch Commentator
Voldemort's 'puppet' in the Ministry of Magic
Arrived with Snape to Malfoy Mannor
Former school governor of Hogwarts
Head of the department of Magical Games and Sports
Killed Sirius Black

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