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Can you name the Harry Potter characters by the clues given?

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Forced Order
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Betrayed Dumbledore's ArmyOrder of the Phoneix
Hates HermioneOrder of Phoneix-Deathly Hallows
Put under the Imperius curse by Madam RosmertaHalf Blood Prince
He was bias during the Triwizard TornamentsGoblet of Fire
Was nearly executed Prisoner of Askaban
Ghost teacher at HogwartsPhilosophers Stone
New owner of BuckbeakPrisoner of Askaban
Taught Defense Agaisnt the dark artsDeathly Hallows
Drunk House elfGoblet of Fire
His Code names were Rodent and Rapier on PotterwatchDeathly Hallows
Had a conversation with Harry in the BathGoblet Of Fire
Was Petrified along with Justin Finch FletchlyChamber of Secrets
Hogwarts High InquisitorOrder of Phoneix
Went to the Yule Ball with HermioneGoblet of Fire
Killed her mother Before the books (revealed in The Deathly Hallows)
landlady at the three broomsticksHalf Blood Prince
Former Head Teacher at HogwartsChamber of Secrets
Can turn into a beetleGoblet of Fire
Was in a gang of snatchers with Fenrir GreybackDeathly Hallows
Slug Club leaderHalf Blood Prince
Kidnapped by Yaxley and Fenrir GreybackDeathly Hallows
Found Petrified with HermioneChamber of Secrets
Was 665 years old at deathPhilosophers Stone
Head mistress of BeauxbatonsGoblet of Fire
Slytherin ChaserPhilosophers Stone
Married Astoria GreengrassDeathly Hallows
Loved Lily PotterRevealed in Half Blood Prince
Wrote a History of MagicRevealed in Philosophers Stone
Nickname is ProngsBefore the books(Revealed in Prisiner of Askaban
Tortured to find out Harry's whereaboutsDeathly Hallows
Middle name is Billiusn/a
His Birthday is July 31stRevealed in Philosophers Stone
Attended Smeltings AccademyPhilosophers Stone
Becomes Beater for SlytherinOrder of The Phoneix
Tried to break into the Department of Mysteries under the imperious curse Deathly Hallows
Was a bridesmaid along with Ginny Deathly Hallows
Her wand was 10ΒΌ' willow, 'swishy' and good for charmsBefore the books (revealed in Philosophers stone)
Minister of MagicPhilosophers Stone- Half Blood Prince
A quarter veela Revealed in Goblet of Fire
Found Moaning Myrtle's BodyBefore the books (revealed in Chamber of Secrets)
His friends took NorbertPhilosophers Stone
Has a missing fingerRevealed in Prisoner of Askaban
Tried to turn Water into RumPhilosopher Stone
Goes to the zoo with the DursleysPhilosophers Stone
Malfoy's House ElfChamber of Secrets
Had to perform a memory loss spell on her parentsDeathly Hallows
Killed by Peter PettigrewGoblet of Fire
Tried to give Harry a Love potionHalf Blood Prince
Guarded Muggle PriministerDeathly Hallows
Fired by UmbridgeOrder of the Phoneix
Killed SnapeDeathly Hallows
Was scared of vampiresPhilosophers Stone
During first Quiditch Match, took a Bludger to the head 2 minutes in.Before the books (revealed in Philosophers Stone)
A Centur like FirenzePhilosophers Stone
Made 7 horcrocks'Revealed in Half Blood Prince
Hermiones CatFrom Prisoner of Askaban onwards
Used to Work in the Department of Magical Law EnforcementBefore Books
Divination teacher after TrelawneyOrder of the Phoneix
Bragged about being a prefect all summerPhilosophers Stone
Hermione's Duelling partnerChamber of Secrets

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