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Can you name the correct answer for these yes or no arena survival questions?

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You come across some weapons that would never use. Should you hide them?
You are freezing and the nights are getting colder. Should you make a fire?
You are one of the four last tributes alive. Should you go look for the other tributes?
You are stung by a swarm of Tracker Jackers and are fatally wounded. Do accept the facts and let yourself die?
You become very good allies with some one. Should you kill them before you are the final two?
At the Cornucopia, a girl with knifes tries to kill you. Should keep the weapons she throws at you?
The Game Makers release a pack of blood thirsty wolves on you and two other tributes. Should you run and let the other tributes get eaten?
You and your mentor have a way of communication in the arena. Do you listen to advice?
You and Gale are thinking about running away together. Do you leave your family and friend to suffer and die?
President Snow's breath smells like blood and roses. Do you ignore the disturbing truth?

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