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Forced Order
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HintAnswerPretty little liars
What's Aria's Father's name
In season 2 who is A
What's Mona's last name
Who was Emily's first Girlfriend
Maya was killed by ...
What animal is Aria's puppet
Who is Hanna's step sister
Jason has 2 stepsisters, who are they
Who blinded Jenna
Who was killed by Aria
What's Lucas last name
How did Alison call Paige
Hanna broke a car that belong to...
What's Caleb last name
What sport does Emily practise
HintAnswerPretty little liars
Jessica Dilaurentis's body was found in wich season
Mona dated Aria 's brother whose name is...
What's tha town name
Who is Spencer oldest sister
Who killed Toby's mother
Where does Cece tell Alison the whole story
Ashley Marin went to prison because she was accused of killing an officer, What was his name
Ben Coogan was ............ 's boyfriend
Aria's father was cheeting on his wife with ...
What is the name of Hanna's father
Did you love the show
What actress is playig Emily Fields
Who is Ian Harding in PLL
Hanna Marin is played by...

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