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Can you name the following U.S. State capitals by definition?

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Forced Order
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Site of ancient athletic games, Greece
Native Americans of the Great Plains
Ford luxury car division
Fourth U.S. president
Holy Faith in Chile
Mythical bird with colorful plumage
New York Ivy League school
'Mount of the pilgrim' in France
French for 'of the monks'
Filled doughnut
Coastal city of SE England
Meadow in the season after winter
Sir Walter _______
Roman empress, mother of Constantine
Name meaning 'queen of heaven'
Red stick in Haiti
Town for a Broadway musical
Second largest city in Georgia
Seventh U.S. president
Honest bastion
Menthol cigarette brand
Small stone
Cathedral designed by Sir Christopher Wren
Fashion designer ______ Cardin
Sacrament in Spain
Town named after third U.S. president
He landed at Hispaniola in 1492
Metropolis on a saline loch
Purple grape variety

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