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Original nameStateFirst capital
Territory of _____Arkansas Post 1819
Territory of _____Bannack 1864
Territory of _____Belmont 1836
State of _____Bismarck 1889
Territory of _____Burlington 1838
English Colony of _____Boston 1630
Territory of ______Carson City 1861
British Province of _____Charleston 1712
Territory of _____Cheyenne 1869
Territory of _____Denver City 1861
Territory of _____Detroit 1805
English Province of _____Elizabethtown 1665
Territory of _____Fillmore 1850
U.S. Territory of _____Fort Whipple 1864
Commonwealth of _____Frankfort 1792
Territory of _____Guthrie 1889
English Colony of _____Hartford 1639
English Colony of _____Jamestown 1619
Territory of _____Kaskaskia 1809
State of _____Knoxville 1796
Kingdom of _____Lahaina 1820
Territory of _____Lewiston 1863
Terr. NW of the River _____Marietta 1788
Terr. of New Spain, Alta ___Monterey 1804
Territory of _____Natchez 1798
Original nameStateFirst capital
British Province of _____New Bern 1712
Eng. Lower Cos. on the ___New Castle 1704
State of _____New Orleans 1812
English Province of _____New York 1674
Russian Colony of _____Novo-Arkhangelsk 1808
Territory of _____Olympia 1853
Territory of _____Omaha 1854
Provisional gov't of _____Oregon City 1843
Territory of _____Pawnee 1855
Eng. Proprietary Col. of ___Philadelphia 1682
State of _____Pierre 1889
State of _____Portland 1820
English Colony of _____Portsmouth 1644
English Province of _____Portsmouth 1680
Territory of _____Saint Louis 1812
Eng. Prop. Colony of _____Saint Mary's City 1634
Territory of _____Saint Paul 1849
Territory of _____Saint Stephen's 1817
Spanish Colony of _____San Agustin 1565
U.S. military gov't of _____Santa Fe 1846
Brit. Prop. Colony of _____Savannah 1733
Territory of _____Vincennes 1800
Republic of _____Washington 1836
State of _____Wheeling 1863
_____ RepublicWindsor 1777

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