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Name the word pairs, similar in spelling or sound, but with different meanings.

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1-AAdjust to one's environment
1-ATo take in as one's own
2-ATo recommend something
3-AUnfavorable, harmful
3-AStrongly disliking, opposed
4-ASacred table
4-ATo change
5-AEstimate the value of
5-ATo inform someone
6-AAn upward incline
6-AAgree to
7-AA jump in figure skating
7-AWheel shaft
8-AMake a difference to
8-EA result
9-AAgree to receive or do
9-ENot including
10-AImprove, add to
10-ETo correct
11-AUnconcerned with morals
11-IContrary to morality
12-ARelated to ears or hearing
13-BMiddle Eastern market
14-BA bunk in a ship or train
14-BEmergence of offspring
15-BHaving started life
16-BBreak a rule; a gap
16-BBack part of a gun barrel
17-CStrong cloth
17-CTo seek votes
18-CBan a book or movie
18-CCriticize strongly
19-CA group of musical tones
19-CA thin rope
20-COf a a culmination
20-COf weather conditions
21-CSchool subject
22-CSuitable to a setting
22-CExpression of praise
23-CGoverning group
23-CTo advise
24-CA small berry
24-CThe present time
25-DCourteous respect
26-DDisarm an explosive
26-DSpread widely or thinly
27-DTo abandon
27-DLast course of a meal
28-DIs prudent
28-DWith distinction
29-ECover completely
29-ELetter container
30-EWork out, Make use of
30-ERelease an evil spirit
31-EDraw forth or bring out
31-INot permitted
32-EMake certain
32-IGuarantee against loss
33-FAt a longer distance
33-FMore distant in degree
34-FWoodland diety [mythology]
34-FBaby deer
35-FRefrain from
35-FAn ancestor
36-FBook preface
36-FMove onward
37-GLarge bear
38-HHealthy and fit
38-HDynamic in character
39-HGather in a large group
41-LNot taut
41-LMisplace, fail to win
42-PSet down as a rule or guide
42-PProhibit, forbid
43-PSchool headmaster
43-PBasic or essential quality
44-SNot moving
44-SPaper for letter-writing
45-SA level in a building
45-SA tale
46-TEndurance of great pain

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