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Name the words listed first and last per letter, given the definitions from the Scrabble dictionary.

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SCRABBLE® dictionary definitionwordletter
Rough cindery lavaA first
Not being one of a pairA last
The eternal soul, in Egyptian mythologyB first
Coin of ancient RomeB last
TaxiC first
Wife of a czarC last
DadD first
One who is bankruptD last
Being one of two or more distinct individualsE first
Bird's nest built high on a cliff (var.)E last
The 4th tone of the diatonic musical scaleF first
Division of a poem or songF last
To chatterG first
To shackleG last
Sound of surpriseH first
InsaneH last
Type of metrical footI first
The letter ZI last
To poke sharplyJ first
Juvenile delinquentJ last
The spiritual self, in Egyptian religionK first
To make known (var.)K last
The 6th tone of the diatonic musical scaleL first
Fibrous band in the tongue of certain carnivorous mammalsL last
MotherM first
Tumor composed of mucous tissueM last
SCRABBLE® dictionary definitionwordletter
No; notN first
An antibioticN last
Clumsy, stupid personO first
Pertaining to ozoneO last
FatherP first
The quality of being exciting or attractive (var.) P last
An occult or secret doctrine (var.)Q first
Standard keyboardQ last
A large canoeR first
School of Japanese martial artsR last
To sobS first
Configuration of the earth, moon, and sun in a straight lineS last
An exppression of gratitudeT first
A series of misfortuneT last
South American monkeyU first
Excessively devoted to one's wifeU last
Vacuum cleanerV first
In a vying mannerV last
Word used to express wailingW first
Two-legged dragon (var.)W last
A gum produced by fermentationX first
Roofed area where athletes trained in ancient GreeceX last
YouY first
Certainly (var.)Y last
A pizzaZ first
Sound of snoringZ last

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