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QUIZ: Can you name the presidents by mother's name?

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Mother's namePresident's name
Ann Dunham
Sara Delano
Phoebe Dickerson
Rose Fitzgerald
Lillian Gordy
Mary Anne MacLeod
Mary McDonough
Janet Woodrow
Abigail Smith
Anna Kendrick
Martha Ellen Young
Elizabeth Jones
Rebekah Baines
Ann Neal
Jane Randolph
Nancy Allison
Malvina Stone
Victoria Josephine Moor
Sophia Birchard
Hannah Simpson
Dorothy Walker
Martha Bulloch
Mother's namePresident's name
Dorothy Gardner King
Nellie Clyde Wilson
Eleanor Conway
Susanna Boylston
Louise Torrey
Jane Knox
Elizabeth Irwin
Eliza Ballou
Barbara Pierce
Hulda Minthorn
Sarah Strother
Virginia Cassidy Blythe
Hannah Milhous
Mary Ball
Nancy Hanks
Maria Hoes Van Alen
Ida Elizabeth Stover
Mary Marot Armistead
Elizabeth Speer
Elizabeth Hutchinson
Elizabeth Bassett
Phoebe Millard

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