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1st word definition2-word oxymoronic phrase2nd word definition
Beyond intermediate level [A]Person learning first-level skills [B]
Without skeletal parts [B]Bones protecting the thoracic cavity [R]
Of the present time [C]Events of the past [H]
Increase times two [D]Card game for one person [S]
Much needed [E]Extravagant way of living [L]
Is not remembered [F]Remembrances [M]
Authentic [G]Not real [I]
50% of the whole [H]Vacant [E]
Happening immediately [I]Timeless [C]
Gigantic [J]Popular crustaceous food [S]
Fit for use per Jewish law [K]Salted and dried cut of pork [H]
In a straight line [L]Bend [C]
Not major [M]A time of great difficulty [C]
No sensation [N]Premonition [F]
The first one [O]Facsimile [C]
Twisted shape [P]Long straight implements [S]
Muffled [Q]Clamor [N]
Unsystematic [R]A repeated decorative design [P]
Muted [S]Piercing cry [S]
Verifiable [T]Falsehoods [L]
Not determined [U]Name [I]
In effect [V]The way things actually exist [R]
Entire [W]A portion of an object [P]
Fearing aliens [X]Outsider [F]
Not old [Y]Mature person [A]
Naught [Z]Negative amount [D]

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