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QUIZ: Name the words with prefixes pertaining to numbers.

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[1] Eyeglass
[1]] Single-wheeled vehicle
[2] Cut in half
[2] Two-element electron device
[2] A formal fight
[3] Camera holder
[4] A building with four units
[4] Four-line stanza
[4] Geometric figure bounded by four plane triangular faces
[5] U.S. Department of Defense
[5] Two violins, two violas, and one cello e.g.
[6] Star of David shape
[6] Astronomical instrument used for measuring angular distances
[7] A verse of seven metrical feet
[7] Seventh month of the early Roman calendar
[8] In music, B to B, e.g.
[9] Polygon with nine angles, and nine sides
[10] The Ten Commandments
[100] Alternative term for the Celsius scale
[100] One hundred ares (land measure)
[150] Celebration commemoratng fifteen decades
[1000] The K in KPH
[1000] 1001 - 2000, e.g.

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