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Name the following inventions by women.

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Measures a baby's health vitals upon his/her birthVirginia Apgar 1952
Tool that clears a car's front window during rainMary Anderson 1903
Power tool having a round, toothed, disk-shaped bladeTabitha Babbit 1811
Long narrow board used for smoothing out clothesSarah Bonne 1892
Machine that cleans kitchenwareJosephine Cochran 1872
Building's external emergency stairsAnna Connelly 1887
Cutting device consisting of a toothed steel band passing over two wheelsAnne Crepin 1846
Early astronomical measuring deviceAbbas Fimas 150 b.c.
This device warms H2OIda Forbes 1917
Early programming languageGrace Murray Hopper 1959
Large bladed tool used to cut logsSarah Jerome c.1635
Device that deadens the sound of a car engineEl Dorado Jones 1917
Turbine-powered motorMargaret Knight 1904
Flexible steel-like fiberStephanie Kwolek 1966
Emission of wide bandwidth signalsHedy Lamar 1942
Optical device used in u-boatsSarah Mather 1845
Opposite of nuclear fusionLise Meitner c.1934
White liquid used to cover mistakes on paperBessie Nesmith 1951
Chemical that protects upholstery and carpetPatsy Sherman 1956
Train that runs in a raised positionMary Walton 1881

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