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Name the homographs: words with one spelling, but with two distinct pronunciations and meanings.

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Definition 1HomographDefinition 2
The love of God for humankindWide open
Cleaving toolsLines about which a rotating body turns
Game fishLowest voice in a chorus
Bottom supportsPrincipal constituents
Package decorationBend the body forward
Dry regionRun away from
First tone of a diatonic scaleMake happen
Female deerPerforms work
Bird of peaceWent head first into water
One that shinesLook at with discontent
Not correct or usableInfirmed person
Element #82Direct
Not on tapeExist
Time divisionVery small
Small motorcycleActed dispirited
Mathematical digitSubstance that deadens physical sensation
PlacingPlaying on the green
Scan printed materialScanned printed material
Major streamOne who splits an object apart
Benefit or well-beingRice wine
Underground waste lineOne who stitches
Female swineScatter seed
To delay or be tardyCovered with a viscid substance
Saline drop from the lacrimal glandRip
Tall buildingSomeone who pulls something along
FunctionTake advantage of
Air in motionTurn
A cut in the skinTurned

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