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QUIZ: Name the English ancestors in direct lineage from William I to Elizabeth II

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Titles / Royal HouseAncestors of Elizabeth IITitles / Royal Houses
King of England 1066-1087 ✣House of Normandy✣
King of England 1100-1135 ---
HR Empress, de facto Qn. of England 1141---
King of England 1154-1189 ✣House of Plantagenet✣
King of England 1199-1216 ---
King of England 1216-1272 ---
King of England 1272-1307 ---
King of England 1307-1327 ---
King of England 1327-1377 ---
✣House of Lancaster✣✣House of York✣
Duke of Lancaster 1340-1399Duke of York 1385-1402
Earl of Somerset 1396-1410Earl of Cambridge 1414-1415
Duke of Somerset 1443-1444Duke of York 1432-1460
Countess of Richmond 1455-1509King of England 1461-1483+
King of England 1485-1509 Qn. consort of Eng. 1486-1503
Richard III killed in battle. War of Roses ends in 1485✣House of Tudor✣
Queen consort of Scotland 1486-1503---
King of Scotland 1513-1542✣House of Stuart✣
Queen of Scotland 1542-1587---
King of England 1603-1625King of Scotland 1587-1625
Queen consort of Bohemia 1619-1620---
Electress of Hanover 1692-1698---
King of Great Britain 1714-1727✣House of Hanover✣
King of Great Britain 1727-1760---
Prince of Wales 1729-1751---
King of Great Britain 1760-1820---
Duke of Kent 1799-1820---
Queen of Great Britain 1820-1901---
King of Great Britain 1901-1910✣House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha✣
King of the UK 1910-1936---
King of the UK 1936-1952✣House of Windsor✣
Queen of the UK 1952----

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