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Can you name the James Bond movies by the identities 007 takes on?

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AliasBond MovieNotes
James St. John SmytheHeir to a fortune, including horse stables
Dr. Mikhall ArkovPhysicist
Francisco ScaramongaHired assassin
Mr. Jones''Mr. and Mrs. Jones'' (Tiffany) stay at a Las Vegas hotel
David SomersetMr. and Mrs. Somerset (Tatiana) return to England by train
Charles MortonManufacturing representative for Leeds
Peter FranksCourier
James StockFinancial Times journalist
Sir Hilary BrayFrom the Royal College of Arms
Mr. FisherEmpire Chemicals representative
Robert SterlingMarine biologist
Jerzy Bondov+Patient awaiting a heart transplant
Burt Saxby*Employee of Willard White
Klaus HergeschelmerTechnician at Whyte Industries
Colonel Luis ToroMilitary officer (pre-credits sequence)

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