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Thread MagicI am in the Mermaid Heel guild.
AeraI am the Edolas counterpart of Ichiya.
White Dragon Magic/FlightI taught Sting Dragon Slayer Magic.
Fire Dragon Magic/Flight/TelepathyI am Natsu's foster father
Seith MagicI haven't gone on a job for seven years.
Air MagicSherry is my fiancee.
Ice MakeI sealed Deliora with Iced Shell.
Speed MagicI am one of the members of Shadow Gear
Guns MagicI love Bisca. A lot.
Amaterasu/Demon's Eye/Etc.I was the second guild master of Fairy Tail
Earth Magic/Heaven's EyeI was a slave in the Tower of Heaven.
Lightning Magic/Slot MagicI am the seventh member of the Oracion Seis
Vegetable MagicI have carrot missiles! Fear me!
Lightning God SlayerI defeated Warcry in the GMG.
Ice Make/Ice Devil Slayer MagicMy teacher was Ur.
Take Over: Animal SoulI lived in Edolas after I 'died'
Wood MakeI REALLY hate perverts.
Medical AdivsorI was a member of Team Makarov.
Wave Magic'The Wave' is one of my aliases.
Dark Dragon Magic/Dragon Slayer MagicI was a human but I was turned into a dragon.
Blast MagicI was the Guild Master of Sabertooth but I was defeated by Sting.
Aera/Future PredictionI am Wendy's companion.
Phasing Magic/UnknownI am the Blue Pegasus Guild Master
Fairy Magic/Stone EyesI am a member of the Raijinshu
Dance MagicAlways Dancing. Always!
Fire Dragon SlayerI am known as the 'Salamander'
Celestial Spirit MagicI have the keys of Pisces and Libra.
None (Employee of Fairy Tail) I was a member of the Oracion Seis.
Ice Make(Live) I was Gray's fellow pupil.
Archive/Darkness/Many othersI have a more evil alter ego.
Sky God SlayerI was against Wendy in the GMG
Arc of EmbodimentFreed and Bickslow defeated me.
Titan MagicLaxus is my grandson.
Earth MagicI am one of the Ten Wizard Saints.
Memory Make/Telekinesis I am a member of Team Sabertooth
Purple Flame Magic/TransformationI was the 4th Master of Fairy Tail.
Air Magic/Magic Staves My counterpart is Jellal Fernades.
Gravity ChangeI can make myself turn skinny.
Poison Dragon Slayer/Sound MagicMy one friend-Cubellios.
Card MagicI joined Fairy Tail to search for my father.
Arc of TimeI was once the eldest of the Seven Kin of Purgatory.
AeraI have been at Natsu's side for 6 years
Celestial Spirit MagicLoke killed me accidentally. So I am dead.
Celestial Spirit Magic/Angel MagicMy sister is Yukino.
Take Over: Satan SoulI have 2 siblings who also use Take Over
SandstormI am in charge of the Fairy Tail gift shop.
AirspaceI was the most powerful Element 4 member
Take Over: Beast SoulBe a Man!
Shadow Dragon Magic/FlightI was supposedly 'killed' by Rogue.
Water MagicGray-sama!!!!
Celestial Spirit MagicI am the Princess of Fiore
Iron Dragon Magic/FlightI am Gajeel's foster father.
Maguilty SenseI was part of Grimoire Heart but now Crime Sorciere
Reflector MagicI am the foster child of Brain.
Crash/Disassembly MagicI turned Natsu into a bunch of mini-Natsus
Smoke MagicMacao is my drinking buddy.
TelepathyMax is a good friend of mine.
Slowing Magic/Vehicle MagicI am the guild master of Harpuia
Rainbow FireNatsu-nii is my idol!
Figure Eyes/Seith MagicMy guild stamp is on my tongue.
Moon Drip/Nails My catchphrase: 'Oooon'
Requip: The KnightI was 15 when I became an S-Class Mage
AeraI am Sting's Exceed.
Fairy Magic/Illusion MagicI was Fairy Tail's First Guild Master
Spinning MagicI am the Master of Lamia Scale
Archive/TelepathyI am one of the Trimens.
Human Subordination I was a goat. I was one of the Seven Kin.
Sky Dragon Magic/Flight/TelepathyI am the Earthland counterpart of Polyushka.
Snow MagicI was a Rune Knight before a Trimen.
Requip: The GunnerI have a daughter named Asuka.
Storm MagicI was beat up by Natsu twice.
White Dragon SlayerI am the current guild master of Sabertooth
Gravity ChangeMy older brother was Simon.
Binding MagicI love Neko-Neko! I was friends with Erza.
Darkness MagicI was a Wizard Saint and the Master of Phantom Lord
Jade Dragon Magic/FlightMy magic is used to take dignity away from humans
Shadow Dragon SlayerMy Exceed's name is Frosch.
Flame God SlayerZeref killed me on Tenroujima
Great Tree ArcI like worthy opponents. I fought Erza and Mirajane.
Rainbow FireI became a teacher after Phantom Lord's defeat
Aera/Battle FormMy human partner is Gajeel.
Iron Dragon SlayerI wanted a cat badly. So I got one.
Doll Magic I first appeared in the Galuna Island arc
Unnamed MagicI am an active member of Sabertooth
ParfumI am the ace of Blue Pegasus
Plant MagicI ate out of depression.
Sky Dragon SlayerI am the third Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail
Runes/Dark Ecriture I was defeated by the 'Demon' Mirajane
Solid ScriptI am friends with Lucy
Flame Dragon MagicI am Igneel's Dragon buddy.
Take Over: Machina SoulI am the current 'Miss Fiore'.
Heavenly Body Magic/Bunch of Others'Zeref' once possessed me.
RegulusI am a Celestial Spirit
Ushi no Koku Mairi I like voodoo dolls!
Earth Magic/Sand MagicI am wobbly all the time.
Territory MagicI was previously a member of Sabertooth
Celestial Spirit MagicI was the third person to join Team Natsu
Lightning Dragon SlayerI was excommunicated from Fairy Tail.
AeraI thought I was a frog.

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