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Effects of cytokineCytokineCells that produce it
Suppresses macrophages, inhibits TH1 cellsTH2 and TR1
Damages target cells, increases intracellular killing, activates vascular endothelium, systemic effectsCD8, TH1
T cell proliferation, increases effector T cellsTH1 and TH2
Stimulates neutrophil recruitmentTH17
Stimulates IgG1 and IgE, activates B cellsTH2
Inhibits cell growth, anti-inflammatory, induces IgA isotype switch, production of IgATH3
Systemic effects only (acute phase proteins, mobilise neutrophils, fever)
Stimulates neutrophil recruitment, stimulates production of chemokines by fibroblasts and epithelial cellsTH17
Kills chronically infected cellsTH1
Effects of cytokineCytokineCells that produce it
Attracts neutrophils, basophils and T cellsMacrophages
Stimulates IgG1 and IgE, eosinophilia, IgA isotype switch, activates B cells, production of IgM and IgATH0, TH2 and TH3
Stimulates IgG1 and IgE, activates lymphocytes, increases antibody production, B and T cell growth and differentiation, systemic effectsTH2, TH17 and macrophages
Induces resistance to viral replication, increases MHC class I expression, activates NK cellsVirally infected cells
Stimulates IgG1 and IgE, CD4 -> TH2, activates B cells, IgE isotype switch, production of IgMTH2 and TH3
Activates vascular endotheliumMacrophage
Damages target cells, increases intracellular killing, CD4 -> TH1, activates macrophages, production of IgGCD8, TH1
Activates NK cells, CD4 -> TH1Macrophage

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