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HintAnswerextra hint
The Giraffe and the ___________ and Me
youngest member of the Bucket householdCharlie and the Chocolate Factory
Matilda's principal who liked to bark and shoutMatilda
Illustrator for many of Dahl's books
Charlie's eccentric, candy-inventing benefactorCharlie and the Chocolate Factory
hates snozzcumbersThe BFG
the leader of the MinpinsThe Minpins
one 'extremely icky-poo vegetable'The BFG
Dahl's book of poetic fairy tale parodies
The squirrels thought that she may be a 'bad nut'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
HintAnswerextra hint
fiinder of the first Golden TicketCharlie and the Chocolate Factory
the -F- in BFG stands for thisThe BFG
was secretly in love with Ms. SilverEsio Trot
full name of the orphan whose only friends are insectsJames and the Giant Peach
James's arachnid friendJames and the Giant Peach
custodian of James resembling a 'white soggy overboiled cabbage'James and the Giant Peach
workers in Willy Wonka's factoryCharlie and the Chocolate Factory
this story's main characterThe Minpins
Mrs. Twit surprises Mr. Twit by putting this into his drinkThe Twits

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