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Can you name the US TV series by its title in Czech?

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Czech titleOriginal titleLiteral translation of the Czech title
Simpsonovi (1989)Same as original
Hra o trůny (2011)Same as original
Gumídci (1985)Same as original
Mrtví jako já (2003)Same as original
Krok za krokem (1991)Same as original
Haló, tady Indie (2010)Hello, This Is India
Méďa Béďa (1961)Same as original
Dr. House (2004)Same as original
Akta X (1993)Same as original
Sběratelé kostí (2005)The Bone Collectors
Námořní vyšetřovací služba (2003)Same as original
Ztraceni (2004)Same as original
Machři a šprti (1999)Same as original
Krajní meze (1995)Same as original
Báječná léta (1988)Same as original
Czech titleOriginal titleLiteral translation of the Czech title
Dva a půl chlapa (2003)Same as original
Přátelé (1994)Same as original
Kriminálka Las Vegas (2000)Criminal Police Las Vegas
Hvězdná brána (1997)Same as original
Odpočívej v pokoji (2001)Rest In Peace
Hrdinové (2006)Same as original
Řím (2005)Same as original
Teorie velkého třesku (2007)Same as original
Útěk z vězení (2005)Escape From Prison
Šmoulové (1981)Same as original
Jak jsem poznal vaši matku (2005)Same as original
Kravaťáci (2011)Same as original
Lovci duchů (2005)Ghosthunters
Ženatý se závazky (1987)Married With Commitments
Měsíční svit (1985)Same as original

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