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Gotta Catch 'Em All!
2 minute episodes about the lives of 4 girls in a tennis club-- one who knows how to play and the others who are completely blank about the sport.
Yuri series taking place at an all-girls' academy.
15 students and the pedo-bear. Still exists the death penalty. Pink blood.
Detective, now kid-sized!
Ryuji and 'The Palmtop Tiger' (Taiga)
A little game to pick her fiancee.. what about her childhood friend?
Playing Cards in tournaments..the Millenium Puzzle!
Blonde girl dropped off at a mansion, with vampire residents.
The title means 'Digital Monsters.'
'Everyday, I have to make a choice-- but the answers are so ridiculous!
An achieved highschool boy finds a Shinigami's notebook
Became an actress and in a love triangle.
Ninomiya lives in a large house with his older sister and find themselves lodging a young succubus.
Manga->anime and film. A shy girl becomes romantically entangled with Mr. Popular
Goku is the main character of...
Lucy, a Diclonius, is found by a university student and his cousin.
'_________, Believe It!'
/An ongoing series about a highschool guy who becomes a Soul Reaper and fights Hollows./
Haruhi broke the vase! Hired to the Host Club!
Street Car Racing. MC: a high school boy
A female bodyguard will do everything she can to protect her love interest and friend. Oh, and did I say that she can take up a cat form?

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