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What is the name of the first world that the gang visit?
What is Fai's real name?
What is the real name of Syaoran and Sakura?
In what world does Sakura's soul become seperated from her body?
Fai was adopted by who and brought to what country?
What is Fai's last name that is also named after a stone in Celes country?
What is put on Kurogane to stop him from killing people?
In what world does the name 'Ashura' pop up?
Who ultimately replaces Syaoran when he travels back in time? (xxxholic character)
Who is Fei Wong Reed trying to save from dying?
Both the black mokona and white mokona have a magic what?
Where does the real Syaoran come from to meet the clone Syaoran?
Who are the two vampire twins?
What does Fai lose while in Tokyo?
What does Fai become after losing his eye?
What does Kurogane lose when trying to escape Celes with Fai?
What was the monster that wa plaguing the bunny world?
What was the name of the cafe in Outo country?
Who was Syaorans teacher?
What are Sakuras memories made into?

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