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Short name for 'National Socialist German Workers Party'
Project for the creation of the atomic bomb
Name of atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima
First Polish city bombed by Germany
Chief Architect of the Kristallnacht
The 'Kristallnacht' in English
Program to help Nazi fugitives escape
German code machine that the British also had, which lead to easy decoding
Name for Nazi euthanasia program
Name of plan for the eradication of the Jews
'A day that will live in infamy': Name the day
Camps where Japanese-Americans were sent to during WWII
Symbol on the Nazi flag
Germany did this to British currency
Prime Minister of Britain during WWII
Prime Minister of Japan during WWII
Emperor of Japan during WWII
Fascist dictator of Italy during WWII
Leader of Germany during WWII
Time of bombing on Hiroshima
Name for the leader of Germany
Wife of the leader of Germany
Leader of Russia during WWII
First US President during WWII
Second US President during WWII
US President who was a general during WWII
Omaha beach, a landing spot of the:
Leader of continental China during WWII
Scientific leader of the project to create the atomic bomb
Military leader of the project to create the atomic bomb
The second Japanese city have an atomic bomb dropped on
Name of the plane that bombed Hiroshima
Pilot of previously mentioned plane
Name of the second atomic bomb dropped on Japan
Name given to the systematic genocide committed in WWII
Scientist who lead to the possibility of the creation of the Atom Bomb
The iconic flag raising on a Pacific island takes place here
Other name for Gypsy
Full name of former USSR
Olympic US track and fielder who defeated Germany in number of Gold medals, angering Hitler
Leader of China during WWII who later formed Taiwan

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