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Forced Order
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'You know our mourners are so satisfied. They like, they like, they like our ____' (Fun Home)'A senior riding the atomic tide of root beer floats and ____' (Zombie Prom)
'At the next sign of rebellion I shall drop the final bomb - I've received the board's permission to suspend the ____ ____' (Zombie Prom) [2 Words]'Tonight our school is Vietnam. Let's guarantee they never see their ____ ____' (Heathers) [2 Words]
'I didn't sleep, I sat a watched him breathing - watched him ____ for nearly half an hour' (Heathers)'Lie on the beach. ____ within reach; don't stray beyond' (Legally Blonde)
'Law school is a waste, unless, unless, you acquire a taste for ____ in the water' (Legally Blonde)'Once and for all, there'll be ____ on the wall if they doubt us' (Newsies)
'Their mistake is they got old - that is not a mistake we'll be making, no sir - we'll stay young ____' (Newsies)'He's your hero, ____ your son - he's not here - I am here!' (Next to Normal)
'Goodman, Diana, Bipolar Depressive with Delusional Episodes. Sixteen year history of ____. Adjustment after one week.' (Next to Normal)'____ sets us free - one for Mike and two for me - and at six I pour a shot of Mommy Water' (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
'Our winner is 12, she likes ____, she's the daughter of a peanut billionaire, and her name is Veruca Salt' (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) 'Every Prince has got to have his swan, yes, everyone is beautiful at the ____' (A Chorus LIne)
'Look my eyes are ____, the gift was our to borrow.' (A Chorus Line)'Unfortunately, ____ as a bone, an insufferable drone, dull as a stone.' (A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder)
'If we knew the truth about each other on sight the ____ might just make sense' (A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder)'Masquerade, hide your face so the ____ will never find you' (Phantom of the Opera)
'Am I to risk my life to win the ____ to live. Can I betray the man who once inspired my voice' (Phantom of the Opera)'Their subsequent fall was inevitable; they never stood a ____ - they were written that way' (Matilda)
'And when I grow up, I will eat ____s everyday on the way to work and I will go to bed late every night' (Matilda)'We become indiscreet eating ____ after ____, though we know all too well where that may lead' (She Loves Me) [Same Word]
'He writes me what his feelings are on Shaw, Flaubert, ____, Renoir' (She Loves Me) [Name]'Did ____ write Chopsticks?/It's ____. Alison stop bothering me' (Fun Home) [Same Word] [Name]

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