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Forced Order
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Seventeen, Our Love is God, Beautiful
Sunrise Sunset, If I Were a Rich Man, Matchmaker
Life of the Party, Two of a Kind, I'll be Here
Inside Out, The Last One You'd Expect, Better With a Man
Will You Love Me Tomorrow, One Fine Day, Walking in the Rain
Exposé, Case Closed, The Voice in the Ocean
Prima Donna, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, Little Lotte
All That Matters, Play, Believe
The I Love You Song, Pandemonium, I'm Not That Smart
Ten Minutes Ago, The Prince is Giving a Ball, A Lovely Night
Once and for All, The World Will Know, Letter From the Refuge*
Cell Block Tango, We Both Reached for the Gun, Mr. Cellophane
It Must Be Believed to be Seen, A Little Me, If Your Mother Were Here
Grand Old Ivy, Been a Long Day, Paris Original
Land of Lola, History of Wrong Guys, What a Woman Wants
Home, My True Love, You Are Music
It's a Sign, What the F***, I Hate You
Thank Goodness, As Long as You're Mine, I'm Not That Girl
If You Want Me, Falling Slowly, Ej Pada Pada Rosicka
There, Right There!, Positive, What You Want
Temper Temper*, Brimstone and Treacle, Step in Time
Will He Like Me?, A Trip to the Library, No More Candy
One Song Glory, Take Me or Leave Me, Light My Candle
Be Our Guest, A Change in Me, Maison des Lunes
These Palace Walls, Proud of Your Boy, High Adventure
A Man's Gotta Do, If You Knew My Story, Sun's Gonna Shine
Days and Days, Edges of the World, Changing My Major
One Day More, In My Life, Who Am I?
Carried Away, I Understand, Lonely Town
Shall I Tell You What I Think of You?, My Lord and Master, A Puzzlement
I'm Here, The Smell of Rebellion, Miracle
Light, Just Another Day, Everything Else
Let's Call the Whole Thing Off, Blah Blah Blah, Sweet and Lowdown
I'm Not a Loser, BFF, No Control
On the Steps of the Palace, Last Midnight, Agony

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