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Can you name the Can you name every Avatar the Last Airbender character??

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Bio.CharacterType of Bender
is the hero of this series, the last airbender, and a recent incarnation of the AvatarAirbender
a 14-year-old (and last) waterbender of the Southern Water TribeWaterbender
a 15-year-old warrior from the Southern Water TribeWarrior
a blind Earthbending grandmaster of the prestigious Bei Fong family in the Earth Kingdom.[14]Earthbender
He is the primary antagonist of Book One, an anti-hero of Book Two, and a protagonist in Book Three.Firebender
the main character's flying bisonAnimal
'Commonly known as the 'Dragon of the West''Firebender
the only known Winged LemurAnimal
the princess of the Fire NationFirebender
the avatar before the main characterFirebender
an impassive, bored, stoic young noble-woman Uses Knifes
cheerful, energetic, and somewhat of a valley girlPressure Points
friend of HakodaWarrior
father of Princess YueUnknown
ruler of the Fire NationFirebender
a hot-tempered Fire Nation admiral Firebender
gave up her mortal existence to become the new Moon SpiritSpirit
Bio.CharacterType of Bender
a Waterbending master and instructor of the North Pole's Northern Water Tribe Waterbending classesWaterbender
Katara's and Sokka's father and the leader of the Southern Water TribeWarrior
a character (who was never directly given a name) that appears occasionally throughout Book One and Book Two. His character is used mainly for comic relief.Unknown
a charismatic teen-aged rebel who holds a deep grudge against the Fire Nation. He is the leader of the Freedom Fighters.Freedom Fighter
the eccentric, elderly King of OmashuEarthbender
an Earthbender that Sokka, Aang, and Katara meet in Book OneEarthbender
a bounty hunter who travels around the Earth KingdomBounty Hunter
a gigantic woman, possessing the largest feet of any AvatarEarthbender
a promoter and host of an earthbending prizefighting ring Earthbender
the intelligent Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se, head of the Dai Li, and advisor and chancellor to the Earth King.Earthbender
the King of the Earth Kingdom.Unknown
one of Aang's firebending teachers; a former admiral of the Fire Nation's navyFirebender
the mother of Zuko and Azula Unknown
a swordsmith and master of swordsmanship, based in the Fire Nation, who teaches a foundation of his skills to Sokka.Warrior
appeared in Book Three as an assassin hired by Prince Zuko to kill AangBrainFireBender?
the Fire Lord who started the war with the other nationsFirebender
he is depicted as Aang's guardian and surrogate father, and is noted for his kindness and sense of humor.Airbender

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