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Mostly played by Nonmembers
The first diamond animal for non members
Most popular Member animal
Animal that is commonly seen with Animal Jam's logo? (usually seen in ingame videos)
First MEMBER animal to be re-done and patterened
First member SEA animal to turn nonmember
First member LAND animal to turn nonmember
First animal to ONLY be released in Australia?
First animal to be only obtainable in a code
Which animal didn't have X's eyes during it's new release?
The Fox counter-part?
First flying animal to be released?
The first animal to have 'snow' in their name?
Slowest member animal?
Animal Jam's beta testing release?
What year did Animal Jam Pass 1 million players?
The item with the most counterpart releases?
The first popular hacker? (used Jam-a-grams as a hack)
The first POPULAR Animal Jam Youtuber?
The first place to buy pets?
The first underwater place to buy sea pets?
Which name isn't available as a pet name? A.Metal B.Odd C.Rose
What animal name in the beta was available but removed?
The word 'scale' used to be used to call out someone. what did they mean to say?
2017 and before, which colour candy cane socks were considered the rarest?
2018 and before, which headdress is the rarest?
Which long rare spike collar is the rarest?
which headdress wasn't duplicated?
The PET bunny had a promo counter-part release, what was it called?
Which promo animal is available to be used by nonmembers?
In playwild, what animal is used in the logo sometimes?
What year did masterpieces get released?
This item used to be a promo and can be used for masterpieces
This item was leaked and removed. It looked like the masterpiece token and spun like it? It had an animal picture in it.
A year or two after the masterpiece token's release, what token-like item was released as a promo?
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