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QUIZ: Can you name the companies on the 2012 Fortune 500 list by the definition of thier company name?

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the fleshy usually rounded red, yellow, or green edible pome fruit of a usually cultivated tree (genus Malus) of the rose familyComputers, Office Equipment
a small round shieldGeneral Merchandisers
a secluded hollow or small valley usually covered with trees or turfComputers, Office Equipment
the elongated wormlike larva of a butterfly or mothConstruction and Farm Machinery
intelligenceSemiconductors and Other Electronic Components
a person (as a priestess of ancient Greece) through whom a deity is believed to speakComputer Software
extending throughout a nationInsurance: Property and Casualty (mutual)
the Greek goddess of victoryApparel
a confused tumult and bustleElectronics, Electrical Equipment
of, relating to, or characteristic of a region conventionally designated SouthUtilities: Gas and Electric
a member of a group of American Indian peoples of the southwestern United StatesMining, Crude-Oil Production
of, relating to, or characterized by progressInsurance: Property and Casualty (stock)
a break in a barrier (as a wall, hedge, or line of military defense)Specialty Retailers: Apparel
a person who manages a hunt and looks after the houndsChemicals
a surface decoration made by inlaying small pieces of variously colored material to form pictures or patternsChemicals
an endorsement made on a passport by the proper authorities denoting that it has been examined and that the bearer may proceedFinancial Data Services
a spherical or ovoid body used in a game or sportPackaging, Containers
a room or closet used for storage (as of provisions) or from which food is brought to the tableSpecialty Retailers: Other
the country bordering a seacoast Food Production
a member of a race of brutes in Swift's Gulliver's Travels who have the form and all the vices of humansInternet Services and Retailing

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