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Saying:Missing Word:
Absence makes the _____ grow fonder.
You can't have your _____ and eat it too.
All that _____ is not gold.
If you can't beat them, _____ them.
_____ does not grow on trees.
The _____ is mightier than the sword.
You can lead a horse to _____, but you can't make him drink.
Don't bite off more than you can _____.
A bird in the _____ is worth two in the bush.
_____ is in the eye of the beholder.
All work and no play makes _____ a dull boy.
When one _____ shuts, another opens.
The grass is not always _____ on the other side.
When the cat's away, the _____ will play.
Don't make a _____ out of a molehill.
Saying:Missing Word:
The _____ bird catches the worm.
It's no use _____ over spilled milk.
Learn to _____ before you run.
_____ is thicker than water.
The meek shall _____ the earth.
After the _____ comes the calm.
Honesty is the best _____.
Better _____ than never.
One man's _____ is another mans treasure.
Spare the _____ and spoil the child.
Give credit where credit is _____.
A penny _____ is a penny earned.
The _____ things in life are free.
Only the good _____ young.
Listen to the pot calling the _____ black.

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